Short Autobiography of Tree

I am a beautiful tall coconut tree of a small village. I would like to hear from all the village folks who care me a lot. I offer shelter to animals like sheep and goats. Also, their kids play under my shelter. I would love to help them a lot. I have been living in this traditional village for more than 20 years. I was slim and young, but now I became old and large. And, I would like to grow even taller.  One day, what happened,   a group of people bring axes to cut me down. I was so anxious and filled with tear and fear. I could not do anything other than watching what’s going on. I was praying God and seeking his help, fortunately, God had heard my prayer. God comes in the form of a man who said, “Don’t cut the trees”.

Then, the group of people has left the place. It is in fact, my neighbor who saves my life. He loved me so much that I never got a chance to know. She hugged me and shares his thoughts on me.  I was so happy that time and I can think about those moments still now as I wondered how this guy has helped me.  Everyone like fresh and tender coconut water from me and I am proud to give them plenty of tender coconuts as much as I can. Further, village folks often use my coconut leaves to wire handbag and stationary items. Moreover, they can use my dried coconut leaves to make hut and home. No one says no for coconut. I will be the big part of cooking. Be it a fried rice or sambar, one cannot cook without coconut. People enjoy delicious coconut from me. I have helped the village folks a lot. I would love to stay with them until my last minute.